Service IT

Our company has been engaged in IT service and management since the beginning of its existence (1991). It was first Service Department established only as an additional activity to sell hardware and software. By the way of time with the increasing demand for professional activities associated with the IT service began to play service a key role in the company's focus.

Now the company has a service department composed of experts who are regularly trained and are ready to solve customer problems to their full satisfaction. Among their day-to-day activities not only the maintenance of user computers but also the implementation of corporate networks, administration clusters, firewall configuration, Linux server installation, and other high-end professional activities.

The report is based on an agreement whereby the customer orders the execution of the work that follows done according to our service terms listed here.

Performance and material are billed by default after service. Technicians maximum they use the company's facilities and their means for service activities, or they have to go to mobile equipment available to cover the maximum possible problems that may be encountered by the customer meet. Technicians follow the latest trends and are regularly trained. The company is ready for you offer a proven and proven solution to your problems.


Service contracts

Customers who sign a service contract with us will benefit from these benefits:

  • Completely ensure the functionality entrusted to us by your systems for work
  • A lower rate per hour for a service technician and a lower fare
  • payment for work done once a month (all work is invoiced after a month, possibility individual maturity, possibility to transfer unselected hours to the next month)
  • the possibility of free loan of replacement equipment during the repair of the existing one
  • technicians on the phone, if needed fast response time
  • consultation, design and optimization of the existing solution
  • the ability to enter and track service responses via the helpdesk

Network management - Helpdesk

We appreciate your time. Therefore, Contract Clients have the opportunity to use the web-based input interface and monitoring the progress of their response service responses.


Service SW / HW

  • Detecting your PC problem
  • Removal of viruses
  • New installation and reinstalling of the system and other software
  • Purchase the original operating system (Windows, Linux), the Office suite with subsequent installation
  • Repair hardware if possible
  • Purchase new hardware, replace and then boot the system
  • Update drivers
  • Noise of the computer
  • Data Backup
  • Speed up your computer
  • Assemble new PC customized to your requirements
  • Repair software remotely
  • Installing printers, scanners,
  • Upgrade older PCs



  • State Administration (Ministry of Education, Institute for Population Protection - Lázně Bohdaneč, Statutární město Pardubice VI - Svitkov)
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University
  • Schools in the region, for example: Delta School, A. Krause Elementary School
  • East Bohemian Theater, Interhotel Labe
  • Autotechnik s.r.o., Chalupa Motors s.r.o., MARO s.r.o., 2VV s.r.o., Multi-Vac s.r.o., Multi-Fas s.r.o., Advokátní kancelář Jelínek s.r.o.


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Chalupa Motors
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