Programming by ComArr

Our programming applications can be divided into:


Bulk products

  • COMARR32 software for comprehensive registration and management of hotels, guest houses and restaurants, hotel rooms currency exchange ...
  • User and central database software for RAALTRANS carriers and forwarders
  • Subscription-based logs, orders, and bids (developed for Schrack and Moeller)
  • European mileage (with emphasis on the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic) and calculation of distance tables


Products developed for your own needs have shown general usability

  • Noticeboard - a system for recording working hours (possibly continuity with attendance systems), records movement of employees outside the company (business trips ...), reservation of service cars, special ones rooms, other technical means ...
  • Complex economic software C1 (warehouses, accounting, invoicing ...)
  • Development SW - a tool for facilitating and formalizing development records (not just software) according to the ISO standard 9001


Custom-made products developed in a variety of ways areas

  • Graphical visualization of the evolution of the data of breed bulls
  • Database of sample images in graphical format with the aim to find the same previously entered database graphic file
  • Internet and intranet applications: wholesale vegetables, car showrooms, contract records and orders ...
  • Administration of the cemetery (records of graves with their tenants (+ substitutes), deposited persons, size, location, rent ...)
  • Public lighting (registration of technical features, deadlines for their regular maintenance, revisions and exchange)
  • Record of loan agreements (with the calculation of installments, APR ...)


Website creation

Website creation is one of the other services we would like to offer to our customers ranks of small and medium-sized businesses, schools and non-profit organizations.

We will provide for you:
  • Website customized to suit your needs
  • We will design original design
  • Buying a domain
  • Nastavení e-mailových účtů
  • Modernizaci a úpravu starých stránek
  • Webový hosting
  • Basic Site Search Engine Optimization (List, Google) - SEO
  • Promotion on the Internet
  • Basic training with website administration
  • Easily edit and update your site

The customer has an editorial system in the Czech language for web administration and editing pages.


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