New server solutions

We offer server systems to corporate and home areas. Buy and install a new one server from your network structure, the number of computers on your network, and your server requirements. Servers are most commonly used in companies for data sharing, security, backup, network printers.


System-based solutions on Linux

The offer of server solutions can be based on both commercial and non-commercial Linux distribution. Our preferred platforms are Linux RedHat, Centos, Fedora

Basic services provided by the Linux operating system include, for example:

  • Connecting to the Internet via dial-up (analog, ISDN), ADSL, landline, wireless and furthermore through the data services of mobile operators.
  • Local TCP / IP Connectivity with Traffic Shapping to Limit, guaranteeing or fairly sharing the baud rate between individual computers.
  • IP address router (NAT) that provides LAN (LAN) connectivity to the Internet (WAN) using LAN address translation for Internet access via one public addresses or in the opposite direction.
  • Firewall with defined access from LAN, WAN, port redirection, level setting security according to the customer's security policy.
  • LDAP server that allows centralized remote administration of users and their assigned users services using the Web Interface
  • DNS server primary, secondary or only 'caching', with all necessary records set up for custom communication or for collaboration with other DNS servers with custom management capabilities domains
  • DHCP server for automatic configuration of client computers, dynamic, static, and so on automatic browser configuration options
  • File server for file sharing within LAN according to predefined rules an access levels with the ability to define the size of storage for each user
  • Domain server for central authentication of network users with Windows and Windows computers. Set up client environments using logon scripts. Save profiles to the server then provides the ability to retrieve it on any computer in the LAN.
  • Proxy server for accessing the Internet in standard or transparent mode with the option filtering, viewing logs.
  • Sendmail mail server, postfix with both user and user access restrictions, access to to local mailboxes via POP3, IMAP, or WWW.
  • Antispam protection against spam by means of non-commercial and commercial antivirus solutions (Symantec, Spamassassin, VirusBuster)
  • Antivirus protection of the mail server through non-commercial and commercial antivirus solutions (Symantec, Amavis, VirusBuster, NOD32) before delivering mail to the user's mailbox. Installation of commercial antivirus solutions to protect the gateway and file system in Linux (Symantec, NOD32, VirusBuster).
  • NIDS server for monitoring and monitoring of network traffic using both non-commercial and commercial products
  • Monitoring for on-line usage monitoring and availability of preferred server services through the web interface.
  • Web server for running WWW presentations on its own Internet and Intranet server support PHP4, Perl, MySQL ...
  • FTP server as a universal file server for both LAN and WAN with definition of authorized users, access security
  • The SQL Server includes the installation and basic configuration of the required SQL database, eg type Interbase, FireBird, MySQL, Pervasive SQL, Postgress SQL
  • VPN connectivity enables communication between computers using secure tunnels in mode gateway or client-gateway. with IPsec, L2TP, and PPTP protocols
  • Remote Administration allows you to remotely access the server and local stations
  • Server backup includes solutions based on both non-commercial and commercial products, installation of tape drives, DLT libraries ...., possibility to store client data in home folders on the server with the ability to restrict the size of the storage space
  • Power failure protection with continuous communication with a backup source, online monitoring

Administrator training or complete 'outsourcing' is a matter of course with remote management or on-site interventions.


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