Network security



The basic components for providing a computer network against attacks from outside (from the Internet) are included firewalls. It is possible to use both a software solution installed on a suitable one as well as a comprehensive, specialized solution such as the Symantec Gateway Security 5600 series optionally including antivirus, intrusion detection, and content filtering. For We can offer smaller businesses with Symantec 1600 or 400 or other manufacturers. For networks equipped with Linux servers can then use a software solution.


Antivirus protection

Another important and nowadays essentially basic component of computer networks is antivirus protection. We recommend multi-level protection based on Symantec Client Security, which is recommended here includes mail servers, file servers, and client computers where it is included firewall component. An important part of the product is the central configuration of antivirus clients including the automatic distribution of virus definitions. New protection is also included in this product against malicious software (trojans, spyware, adware). At customer's choice, we can support third-party solutions.


Block spam

In recent years, an unsolicited spam (spam) is growing up to 70% of all emails. In addition to harassing users, it also starts to be associated with security risks stemming from embedded links and technical issues arising from heavy server load. At present, the product is the cutting edge in solving this problem Brightmail AntiSpam by Symantec. Its main advantage is high detection accuracy at which more than 95% of spam is detected, and there are virtually no cases where a legal message was marked as spam. You can install this product in several configurations according to user needs, topology and network load. We also offer the opportunity to the interested parties testing the product directly in the tight operation of their computer network.


But the best firewall and anti-virus protection can not protect the computer network against all danger. In addition to attacks that come through the untreated vulnerabilities of legal applications, in the form of automatically spreading worms, one and various spyware and attacks from the inside networks. Dangers are also laptops with which users connect to the Internet as well outside of a protected network environment. We therefore recommend systems to control traffic intrusion detection. Basic detection for end-user computers is already included in the product Symantec Client Security (see Anti-Virus Protection). For detection on servers it is possible to choose the IDS Host Program product for tracking and evaluating traffic in any location. We then offer Symantec Network Security as a program product or as Symantec Network Security special pre-installed device. Our specialists can also help in evaluating meaning of individual detected events.


Remote access, VPN, certificates

For many users, secure access to enterprise information, including news, is important emails and on-the-go travels. That is why we provide different connection options - starting with e-mail access via the web interface to secure VPN connections client certificates. In the case where a similar solution is not suitable for the customer infrastructure, we will also install other solutions such as Eurotel Office Connector.


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