Network monitoring

It is in the interest of each network administrator to have an overview of the resources and programs that are used in in-house network. In the past, administrators were forced to perform these tasks manually directly at users. This activity was time consuming and inefficient. At present, there are programs that, after a professional implementation, without it the administrator left his computer. This minimizes the risks associated with the use of illegal software and managers get into the hands strong resource monitoring tool.


IT solutions audit and monitoring

We provide a solution for monitoring company IT resources using the OCS Inventory program it is connected GLPI product. These are products that fall under the GNU License and are therefore distributed free of charge costs are associated only with its deployment and with eventual training, maintenance or maintenance of the whole system.

OCS Inventory - an IT audit and monitoring tool

OCS Inventory detects the following on the network:

  • HW computer data (BIOS, CPU, memory, connected devices such as printers, etc.)
  • data about the SW installed on your computer (operating system and other software, status, topicality, version etc.)
  • data about other network devices (active devices, network printers, etc.)


The OCS Inventory extension allows:

  • automatic linking with OCS inventory
  • full support of Czech
  • manually adding and inserting other necessary data
  • license tracking
  • track the history of the software used
  • the possibility of using an internal helpdesk
  • access based on user rights
  • monitoring supplies, etc.


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