Network Infrastructure

The network infrastructure that provides sufficient performance and reliability is, in fact, basic an element of modern business. Network infrastructure provides communication both within a corporate environment networks (internal communication) and external connections (internet, intranet, extranet).

In the area of network infrastructure, we offer these solutions:



  • Basic equipment for sharing and communication of terminal equipment in IT infrastructure customer
  • We provide deliveries from basic equipment to powerful management devices. We prefer brands of Zyxel, HP, Allied Telesis, CISCO

Routers, Firewalls

  • An active network device that connects and configures multiple networks (commonly connected WAN / LAN)
  • The device allows added services (VPN connection configuration, different network security levels
  • We provide deliveries from basic equipment to powerful devices with additional features (antivirus, antispam, IDP ...). We prefer brands Zyxel, Juniper, CISCO.


Wireless elements

  • Devices providing wireless data network propagation (most often for accessing Internet)
  • We provide deliveries from basic equipment to powerful power plants management and functionality for corporate networks. We prefer brands Zyxel, Ubiquty, HP, CISCO

Network infrastructure also needs high-quality SW solutions that provide surveillance and security monitoring her condition. In this area, we use the ZABBIX monitoring system, SW for HW and SW management OCS inventory resources and additional superstructure packages for these solutions.


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