Fujitsu service

Our company is a registered Fujitsu Authorized Service Dealer. We provide warranty post-warranty repairs personal computers, laptops and servers Econel and Primergy.

Hotline: +420 466 889 234


Attention!!! When reporting a fault, it is necessary to send a customer contact, product serial number and description defects. Without this information, service can not be loaded into the system !!!


Abridged warranty terms for Fujitsu Siemens products

Fujitsu Siemens Computers s.r.o. (FSC) provides a warranty for the defects of HW products delivered for a period of time above the warranty period. This warranty covers defects in material, design or construction. In within this framework FSC guarantees will be delivered at their own cost to end customers directly or through their own service partners to repair or replace the relevant part or whole of the HW product so that functionality is restored product at least in the state as at the time of delivery from the factory (ex works) FSC with respect to reasonable wear and tear in the time of occurrence of the fault. Free repair or replacement does not apply to defects caused in particular by: an error operator, operating the product outside the usual operating environment, normal wear and tear caused by its usual by using, or the need to replace consumables, mechanical or other violent damage, unprofessional repair or modification, by force majeure. The warranty does not apply to maintaining or restoring the user give.

Description of the individual possibilities of applying the guarantee by the customer:

  • Service at a service center (bring-in) - the customer will bring the defective product to the service department partner, the service partner repairs the product, the customer picks up the product with a service partner. Work a spare parts are covered by FSC.
  • Service sent to a service center (send-in) - the customer sends the defective product to service partner, service partner will repair the product and send it back to the customer. Transport back to customer, work and spare parts are covered by the FSC.
  • Collection-return service - the service partner will pick up the defective one customer product, repair, and return to customer. Transport, works and spare parts they are covered by FSC.
  • On-site service - service partner technicians travel to the product's location, where make a correction. Works, spare parts and all travel costs are covered by the FSC.
  • Intervention following business day (NBD) - service partner technicians will begin work on removal defects no later than the next business day following the reporting date of the defect


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