Security systems

The ESS (Electronic Security System) today is part of most homes and objects. In some cases it is required by insurers as a condition for the conclusion of an insurance contract. Thanks a good system can prevent the customer not only damage to property, but also to get a savings in form discounts on insurance.

Security of the building can be done by cable system or wireless elements. The main criterion at the choice of the method is the fact that when using a cable solution, the masonry is incorporated cabling to the existing walls. This is done by grooving the walls or fastening the plastic moldings on wall surface.


Cable system

Experts regard cable solutions as the most reliable way of distribution. A wide offer is on the market products of renowned brands that have many security features.

When installing, you can choose from the following elements:

  • Control panel - we select the appropriate type according to the total system size
  • Communicators - Communication elements (alarm reporting) for different technologies - GSM, LAN
  • Klávesnice - ovládací pro zapnutí/vypnutí systému
  • Drivers - Activation / deactivation by key ring
  • Detectors - Motion sensors
  • Okenní a dveřní magnety
  • Fire sensor
  • Gas sensor
  • Tilt and shock sensor
  • Flood sensor
  • Glass Breaking Sensor
  • Sirens - Signaling of an internal or external siren alarm


Wireless system

For solutions where wireless cabling can not be installed into the wall, wireless features can be used. These elements are powered by batteries and can be chosen from the same elements as a cable solution, with just another interface.

Before we install the system, we recommend checking the availability of the signal.

Brands offered: SATEL, JABLOTRON, GALAXY, and others.