Other devices

Who did not want us safe and did not want to secure their loved ones. Intelligent wiring systems certainly think that. E.g. lighting, switching off dangerous drawers, but also the possibility of interfacing with the EZS system. You can also control locks in the house, garage doors, etc. Everything can be controlled and managed over the Internet, so we have maximum confidence.


Smart blinds

If we want to save energy, ensure the comfort of living or increase the security of our house, nowadays outdoor blinds or blinds are a matter of course. If we have more in the house, we will add them motor drive. Thanks to intelligent wiring, we will also have top-notch control. The roller blinds will open in the morning and will start in the evening. They can also respond to weather during the day and n cooperation with the weather station behaving in dependence on the weather. If it is cold, it will pull, etc.


Garden equipment

The pretty house also has a landscaped garden with a swimming pool and steering can be connected here as well. We can control lawns, pool heating, swimming pool cover. Also, well-controlled lighting is sure to be done in the garden party. Good and controlled lights also give us high comfort and safety. For example, we can connect the gate, gate, pergola.



Under the notion of multimedia, a wide variety of elements can be included in the field of intelligent wiring solution. It can be a home TV where your house can be controlled, a system for playing music or video camera systems to protect the house that can be viewed again on home TV. There is a very good solution here television in rooms, audio systems etc.


Intelligent communication between devices

The very combination of smart homes evokes the idea of intelligence and the ability of the house to communicate with its inhabitants. Intelligent wiring provides clever control within your system as well communication.

The entire system can then be elegantly and effectively controlled via communication paths.

  • Wi-Fi - you can connect to the system via the Wi-Fi protocol that most notebooks and laptops now have mobile phones
  • We can also manage and send via SMS
  • Internet - a worldwide network is the best way to control our home, we have the opportunity over the internet look at how the house is set, or change its parameters - heating temperature, pulling blinds, locking doors, etc. If we have a home camera, we can also see online what's happening in the house or, for example, view recorded data