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What are light-current wiring?

Our company ComArr spol. s.r.o. designs, manufactures and manages smart homes with smart wiring. Using smart wiring in the housewe create a system solution for the whole object. We can arrange our wiringcooperation of individual systems and to unify their control.

Intelligent wiring solutions will be your wiring created as timeless, very effective, and so avoid future problems financial costs.


Why is this a solution from us?

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At the birth of the company were IT specialists who had attended large projects hardware development (demanding microprocessor applications, eg part of a satellite - observations of Haley's comet), system software (computer operating systems, compilers programming languages) and application software (eg hotel management system). At present, the company has 45 permanent employees. He has good technical and professional quality potential, is located in its own complex of buildings in the outskirts of Pardubice. To the business premises there is easy access and there is trouble-free parking.

We are a purely Czech company working in the field of computing techniques. We mainly focus on application programming and end user system management. Our credo is customer satisfaction, and we do our best to fulfill it. Our reward is a stable and loyal group of satisfied customers.

Company ComArr, spol. s r.o., was established in 1991. We have a solid position on market, we are stable both with our material security and staffing.

We have gained valuable experience in more than 25 years of our market experience have become a strong partner for thousands of satisfied customers. Thanks to our wide portfolio services and products we are able to offer comprehensive care and individual approach to our customers needs.

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