Smart heating

Nowadays the central heating of the buildings is still the most widespread. Combined with thermohlavice, this system is considered by the general public to be the best. In new buildings and renovations, floor heating is increasingly used. If someone is seriously considering the economic aspect of planning when planning a house, they choose the elements as they are solar heating, recuperation or heat pumps.

Every heating device in a building can be regulated and controlled in a certain way. It is always necessary to know issues and use them appropriate control elements. The costs of running the heating system include 3 basic factors - building insulation quality, the quality of the heating system and regulation or control in which we can very well serve intelligently wiring.

When deciding how to plan the regulation of the heating system, it is always necessary to think about it imagination and use of space. From this idea we can come up with designing and avoid such inconvenience in the future.


Control by main thermostat

Most boilers now use a thermostat that is located in one room where we can set up the desired temperature in DAY / NIGHT mode. A common problem, however, is when we are drowning request in the living room, ie. KOMFORT at 23 ° and only 16 ° in the remote room of the house eg the children's room. This can be regulated by overheating one room, etc. This is always uncomfortable and uneconomical.

Multiple reference points

The system where the so-called reference point is placed in every room where we want to regulate the temperature. It is actually a temperature gauge and a unit that instructs to regulate the heating in advance set rules.


Regulation of multiple thermostats

If we want to use automatic regulation and have the possibility to change the temperature (program) manually direct in the room, we select instead of the reference points ie the other thermostat sensor. It includes a meter, control and manual control.

Set several levels of heating

In the case of intelligent wiring and intelligent heating, we can each thermostat or reference point set 3 temperature modes KOMFORT, STANDART, MINI. In different rooms then we can melt at different temperatures. The big advantage is also to control the temperature throughout the house we can come from one place.


Air conditioning

As well as regulating different types of heating systems, it is of course possible to regulate air conditioning units as well. Air-conditioning units are a device that is already equipped with thermostats and is not no problem to control and control our smart wiring.

Air conditioning can function not only as a cooling but also a heating system.

And since smart wiring makes it possible to create different programs and addictions, you can set up, for example:

  • Avoiding air conditioning if windows are open
  • No cooling if it melts
  • Turn the air conditioning on for an hour before coming to work
  • Etc.