Entrance to the house

Who would never see the classic Bondage, where the door is opened after the camera scanned the incoming retina whether the entrant put his finger on and his fingerprint was taken. These identification methods still seem science fiction, but also such the way of recognition is now possible. Customers usually do not install it in a family house, but also so he chooses from the series modern ways of identification and locking.

Systems are almost always interconnected with a security system today, and the ones that are even more sophisticated smart wiring.

The occupant will not only open the door after he enters the house, but also disables the security equipment and can to activate some features from the house intelligence.


Example of use

Dad arrives - identifies - opens - lights in the corridor - after 2 minutes turns off and lights up in the workroom - turns on his favorite music - uses a computer that of course, switched on with his arrival ...

  1. Classic keys
  2. Classic keys combined with electromechanical lock
    • A customer who has this solution at home can, for example, look over the job the Internet, whether it is locked and if not, locked by pressing a key on the computer
  3. Electronic keypad - by locking the code, the lock is unlocked
  4. Fingerprint reader - The system allows you to record up to 3 fingerprints per person
  5. Magnetic cards and chips - like for attendance and entry systems

The entire system can be interfaced with an EZS, and then the drivers are, for example, a keychain (as with locking controls cars), security keyboards etc.

At the entrance you can also use the house system - audio / video concierge. Video Door - Special System home bell with camera will show us who is at the goal of the house or at the door, and we decide on its release.