Intelligent wiring control

The entire intelligent wiring system (IWS) can look like a regular system with a classic installation. Since it is a programmable unit, it is advisable to use a different type of circuit breaker than conventional ones.


Example of use

Switches suitable for IE have the main advantages that would be a common system made up of several independent.

The simple simple IWS switch can have up to 5 functions. These functions are controlled.

  • Short push up
  • Short push udown
  • Long push up
  • Long push down
  • The switch has an LED on it, which can provide the 5th function

It is also very easy to implement a stair switch. No need to pull a separate wire, but just reprogram the system.

IWS sockets can be used in the same design. Thanks to the programmability, it is possible to ensure the maximum comfort and security of the system.

With one switch when leaving the house or by connecting to an EZS, you will disconnect the critical sockets and you will no longer feel like you are back in the worries whether you have dipped an iron, a kettle etc.

The system can also be controlled through modern technologies. You can use the touchscreen, iphones, tablets as well as the internet. Anywhere in the world, we can see if we are through the global network they did not forget to turn off or change the temperature in the rooms.