Camera systems

Until recently, we were accustomed to seeing camera surveillance only for the state institutions, banks and newly built shopping centers. The more and more we are today meeting cameras family houses and corporate objects. Cameras are widely used for ordinary people and they can be a very good helper. Previously used analog cameras (coax cable) are extruded digital cameras communicating over a computer network (IP). Thanks to the digital technology it is achieving higher resolution, image quality, and gaining new features.


Camera systems can be used for:

  • Object security - cameras monitor the house when no one is at home or at home. home is and wants to be protected
  • Child safety - A camera pointing to a sandbox can show on home television playing a child and parents can perform a different activity
  • Recording - Smart and quality recording devices keep records even for a few weeks and can at any time give testimony of what happened in the house
  • Monitoring - if the system is connected to the Internet, it is possible to look into the house, for example, from employment or holiday
  • Alarms - Camera system can evaluate that something moves in the object and is able to activate security system or to convict thieves
  • Video Door - A special bell with a camera system will show who is at the goal of the house or behind the door, and we decide to let him in

In ComArr s.r.o. there is a wide range of CCTV camera brands customer we are working on the offer according to its requirements.

Before implementing the system, we offer our customers the so-called "camera exam" in which they are the selected type will be tested and the customer will see if the camera meets its requirements.