Access and attendance systems

ComArr s.r.o. often addresses customer access issues building staff, records their working hours, breaks, departures,


Attendance COMARR

It is a software product that records the arrivals and departures of workers. Can create job reports, records of out-of-work activities (doctor, lunch, smoke breaks); consult with records account of working hours. The system also records holidays, travel orders, and printing is a matter of course many assemblies and documents (job description, holiday request, travel book, etc.). The system has a connection to intelligent terminals from which it draws data.

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Intelligent terminals

These are small boxes that serve as readers and identifiers of workers who coming / leaving employment. Depending on the type of media, we distinguish several types

  • Magnetic card reader - As with credit cards, it is necessary to "stretch" the card reader
  • Contactless magnet reader. Cards - The card is comparable to a regular payment card, but for identification is only sufficient to apply at a distance of 5-10 cm
  • Contactless chip - the same features as a card, but the chip is smaller, size common keychains
  • Fingerprint readers - the surest and most unique way to identify a person Using a fingerprint, the system records several fingers of the person, Unfortunately, this system is not suitable for workers from dusty environments and buildings
  • Combination with the camera - modern readers are now equipped with a built-in small camera. This the camera takes pictures a person who registers the arrival / departure and the photo is kept.

Personnel may additionally check and find out where the fraud occurred employee "To cut off" a colleague or a friend