Trial version of the program

To test whether the program will meet your requirements, you can have it order for 30 days. You only pay for the trial operation distribution costs 250, -Kč + VAT. If you want to continue using this program even after test operation, you will pay the price of the program after trial operation.


How to order the trial version

When ordering a program with a test run, check it in the order form the required version, check the box for 'trial operation' and we will give you full version 30-day trial. If after this time you decide to continue to use our program, you will only pay a deposit the invoice delivered when you received the program and the program you use the same, without any reinstalling or configuring. If you would not want to use the RAALTRANS Editor, just call us and we'll do everything we need.

Quit the trial version

The length of the test operation is monitored on our side. After testing the user account is suspended in the RAALTRANS database through which you are signing in databanky. Without this account, it is not possible to transfer fresh offers from the RAALTRANS database give.

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