Private version

Based on users' feedback, we have developed an advanced version of RAALTRANS Editor with a trademark 'PRIVATE' . The program in this version allows you to distinguish between your own private and public bids . The RAALTRANS system treats public offers as well as with all offers. Private offers are visible only in RAALTRANS Editor installations (with the 'PRIVATE' extension) of your defined groups users, ie, at all of your affiliates or in your affiliated companies. Change private offer status to private public (and on the contrary) is very easy - just press the button on the form to make your own offers or you can set the time when the offer becomes public.

It's just as easy to filter the displayed menus with a check box when you want to see only private offers of your affiliates. This makes it possible, for example, to find a free car for your load first go private offer free cars to all your branches, and only when you fail will start looking offers. Also You can first publish your own offer exclusively to your colleagues from your affiliates, and only when you will not find it suitable solution in your own company, change the status of the offer, and offer it to all database users. Group users do not need to only the branches of one company. This form can be communicated by mutual agreement, for example, by companies, which together have been working together for a long time.


Benefits of the solution offered:

  • Improve and simplify communication between your dispatchers from different workplaces.
  • Removing the risk of outsourcing an outsourced business in cases where it can advantageously cover it sister affiliate or firm.
  • Uniform solution for extraction from internal and external sources. Your dispatchers are working with a program they already know - savings in trained operators against the case when you are internal extraction solved differently.
  • Savings on acquisition and operating costs - you do not need your own program and communication headquarters for internal solutions.
  • The system reliably hides 'private' offers from other database users RAALTRANS. It is technically ensured that only private users can see private offers groups.


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