Partitioning and version of the program


Split by displaying menus

The program is divided according to the possibility of entering and displaying offers from and to individual states.

  • GLOBAL - national and international traffic: allows you to enter and view domestic and international offers
  • EURO - international transport without national traffic: allows enter and view international offers, excluding the ability to enter and view bids national transport
  • VNITRO CZ - domestic Czech Republic: allows you to enter and view offers beginning and ending in the Czech Republic
  • VNITRO SK - national transport of Slovakia: allows you to enter and view offers beginning and ending in the Slovak Republic
  • ČESKOSLOVENSKO – domestic transport Czechia + Slovakia: merges versions Vnitro CZ and Vnitro SK


By number of users (single-user, network version)

Single version

  • The single version of the program is designed to run on only one computer.

Network version

  • This version is designed to run on multiple computers at the same time. The network version is only installed on one computer (such as a server), and other users run the program over a computer network from the host computer. Network version is limited by the number of users currently working in the program (the number depends on the number purchased licenses). This means that for a network version for 3 users, they can work with the program 3 users at one time.

Portable version

  • If you need to run a program in the office and also at home, and you only use the program, you can do it use a network version for 1 user. This version can be installed on portable media (eg Flash disk, external hard disk, ...) and run it directly from this medium. If you are at work, insert the flash drive to your computer and run the program directly with it. When leaving the work, unplug the flash drive and at home re-connect and run again directly from the flash drive. Then you can continue to work with the program, there where you've finished before. All data you transmit or enter in the program is written directly to this flash drive.
  • However, please note that the program is only installed once and directly on the portable media. On themselves computers are not installed and after removing the portable media from the computer, you can not program it here start.


Program with kilometer module (with crossings and proofs)

The program can also be purchased with the module Kilometers. With the Mileage module, you can calculate the distance for the selected menu directly without having to enter it into another program. The Mileage Module is also required to calculate crossings (bids from the specified surroundings) and documents. For more information about mileage, crossings and dockyards, see the sections Kilometers, Crossings, Cargo.

Private version

The version of Private allows you to offer your offers first to your branches and then to other users RAALTRANS. More HERE


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