Kilometers + indicative toll calculation

The kilometer module can be purchased for the program. Mileage (plus landmark) toll calculation) contains a map Europe and the surrounding area (including most of Asia and North Africa). Mileage (plus landmark) calculation tolls) allows you to quickly calculate the optimal route including length, cost, time of travel, toll, and display route diagram.

The kilometric data base with an indicative toll calculation contains approximately 70000 sites. The mileage can be used either individually or in connection with the offered offer of freight and free wagons. Simply without it need to rewrite loading and unloading into another program, just press the button to calculate the optimal route for currently selected menu.


Features of the RAALTRANS forwarding database

You can take the route calculation into account by selecting the appropriate vehicle. You can enter your own cars in the program, set up speeds on certain types of roads, driving costs, tolls, and traffic restrictions (tonnage of cars, height, ...). The route is then calculated taking into account these data. The calculated route can then be adjusted by simply dragging mice.

You can specify traffic restrictions on the individual sections in the mileage. They are at the moment the traffic restrictions imposed on the roads in the Czech Republic already in the kilometer. You can click on the section add more traffic restrictions, or modify existing ones.

The tram can also calculate the toll rates in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and Poland.

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Calculate the mileage route

Entering a custom shipping or car offer can be done either in a spreadsheet editor or through a detailed one form.

The input form can be set to suit your requirements. You can choose which columns to bid details, their order and size.

You can also use the option to predefine your own cars or standard shipments to speed up your bidding. Once you enter all the information about the offered vehicle or cargo and then you just need to enter the offer select this vehicle from the list you have entered, or press the shortcut and program you have selected inserts the entered data into the menu.

Mileage plus land approximate calculation - multipoint point optimization routes

The mileage (plus landmark calculation) also allows you to optimize multi-point and circular routes. Enter the beginning, the transit seat, the end of the route and the program will calculate the optimal order of passes entered settlements.

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