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The RAALTRANS forwarding database allows the user through his computer, RAALTRANS Editor and the Internet to get current offers of freight, free vehicles and advertisements (cars, spare parts, services, ...) from more than 10,000 users. Each offer is immediately available view information about the business that sent the quotation to the data bank. At the same time, you can enter your own bids and requirements to the forwarding database. The system also provides information useful to the carrier (overview of toll rates, ferries, CNB and NBS exchange rates, ...).

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RAALTRANS benefits.

The principle of the RAALTRANS forwarding database is based on the acquisition of custom bids by the user on his and send it to the center using a special program and download options a summary of offers from other users from the RAALTRANS forwarding database.

Features of the forwarding database

The RAALTRANS forwarding program allows you to offer your own shipping offers or free vehicles and at the same time to view the bids entered by other users of the forwarding database.

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