Finding proof of cargo

The program allows you to find the right dock for your basic transport. All available the supply offers are evaluated for suitability for use. You must enter this place basic loading and unloading, loading date, free shipping meters and load capacity. For all shipments satisfying these conditions are then calculated for their lengths and detours against the original route at use of the receipt. From these data, the factor of eligibility is calculated (the higher the shorter it is detour and the longer the docking route) and the appropriate transport for the dock is sorted by this factor. Without complex search, you'll see the most appropriate possible in a few seconds on the first page of the scoreboard documents and the data needed to decide whether the bills pay.


Work with loading

Working with the displayed bills is the same as with normal bids. The only difference is to sort the displayed documents according to their advantage. You can further filter the displayed binaries by location loading and unloading, you can view bills only for a specific day or range of days, view bids only from (eg bills ranging from 2 to 5 tons), load length, number of pallets, ADR, ...


Streamlining traffic

Calculating the proofs to your existing load brings you another way to make it more effective loading your car. You can choose whether to look for an offer by place of loading and unloading, according to bids from the selected environment or load car using Documents. Improving your workload can bring you another competitive edge and streamline your costs transport.

Note: You can only count on the version of the mileage program!

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