Features of the RAALTRANS forwarding database

The RAALTRANS forwarding database program allows you to offer your own shipping offers or free wagons and at the same time View offers entered by other users of the forwarding database.

Spediční databanka - Pořízení náklad prvek

Enter your own bids in the forwarding database

Entering a custom shipping or car offer can be done either in a spreadsheet editor or through a detailed one form.

The input form can be set to suit your requirements. You can choose which columns to data about the menus should be displayed, their order and size.

You can also use to pre-define your own cars or standard shipments to speed up your input. Once you enter all the information about the offered vehicle or cargo and then you just need to enter the offer this select the vehicle from the list you entered, or press the shortcut key you selected to insert the program entered data into the menu.

Spediční databanka - Pořízení náklad detail

Custom bids are automatically transferred over the Internet to the headquarters and after racing of the update cycle will be displayed to other users (in about 3 minutes). You can check yours entered Offers to tour among others.

Viewing quotes submitted by other users of the forwarding database

Under " View , you can view the menus you've entered participants of the RAALTRANS forwarding database. Offers can be further filtered (e.g., offers only from the Czech Republic) "Triple" areas into Germany into the "seven" area, length of cargo up to 3 meters, weight from 1 to 5 tons, according to number of pallets, ADR, superstructure type, volume, date, ...). These already created filters can be saved for later use. This is useful if you are looking for more than one offer. Bids can be filtered by date insert into forwarding databases, or show only received bids since your last view.

Another useful feature is to create a state group filter . You create you own a shortcut for a group of states and assign it to the required states. For example, you create acronym CS for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, BN for the Benelux countries, etc.

Another way to search menus is by distance from the specified location or finding proofs to your existing cargo.

Information about the contracting entity in the forwarding database

Information about the carrier or free car will be displayed at the bottom of the window or by double-clicking on selected offer. Detailed information about the sponsor (company name with address, registration address companies, phones, email, ID, IDN, Skype name, ...). The company can write various notes, or her mark Classification 1 to 3. The bids of such companies will then be painted green, yellow or red. You can for example, to mark companies you do not want to collaborate with by classifying 3. Their offers then coloring red or maybe. their offerings will not be displayed.

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