Crossings - Offers from the specified area

This feature will allow you to offer freight or free vehicles sort by mileage . You can then use the filter to display the surrounding area, for example, 100km. This feature saves you a lot of work search optimum cost for your free truck by the names or postal codes of the place of loading and unloading.


Basic use of crossings

At the input to search for quotes from the specified area, enter the location From where and where you are looking for the offer (ie for example, where is your unladen car and where you want to move it), and the program displays the bids sorted after computing according to mileage.

Crossing Distance is the distance you need to drive with the empty wagon to place loading and unloading to the destination you specify (e.g., the seat of your business).

Přejezdy prvek

Example of crossing: from Paris to Prague

Example: I'm looking for an offer from Paris to Prague. The table will be first displayed offers directly from Paris (department 75) to Prague. Other bids will be shown that are the most approaching you of the specified route. For example, the program will go to Aulnay, department 93 (about 16 km from Paris) Where is he from offer to Prague. The crossing is 16 km away.

Finding offers from a specified location - Crossings - you can count only on the version of program with mileage!


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