Training and support from ComArr s.r.o.

Školení a podpora - ilustrace.

Proper training and system deployment assistance is a matter of course and an important aspect of complexity delivery of the entire system. Above the initial phase of system operation after installation is supervised in most cases program authors themselves, who have a deep understanding of hotel and restaurant operations device.


Training involves:

  • Explanation of program features.
  • Help with the correct implementation on your system.
  • Learning to work with our system.
  • Working with tablet.


Support from ComArr s.r.o.

  • Telephone line available daily.
  • Problem solving.
  • Undertaking a service inspection.
TELEPHONE: +420 466 889 321
Školení a podpora - ilustrace.

Experience of trainers

The experience of the authors is evidence of the number of installations already realized and the satisfaction of the customers is shown in the References ComArr. Supervision of the initial operation of the system brings faster results from the use of the system along with minimizing errors and greater operator satisfaction.

Mobile support

A telephone system service can be arranged by program authors 7 days a week via mobile phones. Together with solving phone questions, this service delivers the customer is entitled to free new versions of programs even in case of radical changes in the legal regulations and the possibility of remote administration over an Internet connection.


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