Cash system POS32

Pokladní systém POS32 - ilustrace 1

The POS32 cash register system and touchscreen is designed for PCs with Windows 7 and higher, and touch screen. Years of experience with cash registers have created a cash register with an exceptionally fast and intuitive interface that provides quick and easy operator training working with the cash desk. POS32 does not hold the operator when ordering, and everyone can find their way inputting the PLU that suits it best. Splitting and issuing your account is a matter of instant. Together Gastro32 is the POS32 ideal helper in gastronomic operations of all kinds for tracking sales and stock inventory status.


Advantages of the cash register system - POS32

Pokladní systém POS32 - ilustrace 1
  • Quick search by name, name fragment, by entering a number PLU, selecting a PLU from the group, selecting from the "Favorites" folder, or using the already marked ones open account items.
  • When marking the lunch menu, you can use the copy feature of the previous order in a new order with the option to edit it. There will be significant orders acceleration.
  • POS32 maintains a special "Favorites" group to which it automatically stores most frequently marked items. The most commonly used PLUs are collected in one place and contribute to speeding up work.
  • The "Favorites" group can be confused with the "Selected" group, the waiter himself creates the most used items on the main page.
  • If an open account contains non-cached items, it can be simply used as a pattern for further marking the same.
  • Unmarked items of unsold items can be simply deleted by clicking on a line with an unwanted item.
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  • The operator can enter text that complements the simplified tax document at the end of the receipt.
  • In the event of a power outage (if the UPS) can be printed in bulk view all open tables without their collection so that guests can pay and leave.
  • If you need to mark a PLU that does not exist at the moment, you can enter Individual item. The operator enters the name and price and the depreciation center.
  • Prints in the kitchen and in the bar.
  • Press the messages to the kitchen.
  • Graphics department by line item order. User-defined text notes to the kitchen. User-defined cut-off ordering.
  • Cash with cash, credit card, invoice, tasting etc...
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  • Recurring (degustation) tracking with automatic zero-priced revenue.
  • Tackle solution for non-cash payment with the possibility of direct payment deducting a cash tip.
  • You can set a graphical table plan.
  • Account distribution, account transfer, account conversion to another table.
  • Individual discounts or extras on account. Happy group watch goods or individual PLUs, permanent discounts on the table. Discount cards with fixed or variable discount. Discount cards of type "wallet" - Discounts or points are written directly on the card with the current account status print directly to the card. Discounting with HOTEL32.
  • Discount coupons for next purchase (bill includes discount code and amount discounts for next purchase).
  • Each n-th item free of charge.
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  • Creating personal or permanent account accounts can be closed at the end of the month.
  • Possibility to create a tip.
  • A wide range of daily statistics and selected periods. Journal tape with the ability to search for data even after the closing date.
  • The Cash Manager module makes it easy to add and manage user accounts and rights, watch open tabs, cancellations, sales, simple table creation, table addition.
  • The ability to print reports to a USB printer or export to PDF, DOC, XLS.
  • In connection with HOTEL32 hotel and booking system direct loading a guest's guest account.
  • Possibility to mark half a portion but is charged 70% of the price (can be set as desired).
  • A customer display and a cash drawer can be connected to the cash register.
  • Possibility of sending emails to owners.
  • Exposures in two currencies (EUR).


Checkout system - POS32 on tablet

Touchbox restaurant cashier on Windows 8 and 10 tablet.

On the tablet, you run the same POS32 application as on a stationary cash register. It's gone Pokladní systém POS32 iPad - 2 one of the disadvantages of mobile cash registers, when the stationary cashier is otherwise controlled and otherwise mobile cash register.

You can use the tablet in the cradle as a stationary cash desk, or you can take it away
from your table.

The tablet can work alone or share accounts and printers with a regular POS32 cashier. You create a hybrid network of mobile phones
and stationary cash desks to suit your needs performance and price considerations.


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