Hotel system HOTEL32

The HOTEL32 hotel software completely solves the problem of the accommodation including hotel services. It is suitable for all types of accommodation from small ones guest houses for large hotels. The program is designed as modular and therefore can be done the appropriate configuration for each type of accommodation, including configuration options for hostels or caravans. The hotel software is directly linked to the POS32 POS system. This in addition to the straightforward "pay-off" of hotel accounts, the link provides a complete overview of all of hotel revenues. Direct connection to the GASTRO32 warehouse management allows tracking of inventory stock and minibars.

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Reservation using hotel software HOTEL32

The hotel software solves all the hotel's reception activities and reservations accommodation, hotel services and sports facilities.
The reservation works with an individual reservation, group bookings, allocation of reservations, storen registers and their renewal, contingents for travel agents, confirmation of bookings in various language versions, etc. Reservations are possible directly to individual rooms or room types. All activities related to reservations and the accommodation of the guests can be done directly in the graphical stadiums of the hotel, respectively sports grounds.


Working with a guest in hotel software HOTEL32

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Working with a guest includes all activities related to the guest's stay, ie check-in individual and group assignment of pricing arrangements, including the possibility of creating individual accounts or group accounts in any currency. When booking and accommodation you can use the bank directly clients and a CRM module associated with it. The individual price arrangement can be arbitrarily composed of accommodation, meals and other hotel services. Hotel software directly tracks numbers and types of breakfasts, half-board and other catering services and directly creates backgrounds for them planning. He also leads all legally deposited documents such as house books, police applications for alien police, including the possibility of sending them in electronic form, local fees and their accounting.

Hotel software monitors the state of the rooms, occupancy, downtime and allows all activities associated with stay of a guest. (change of length of stay, moving of rooms and individuals, grouping, group exclusion, changes in price arrangements, etc.).

Guests can be displayed and upgraded at any time, both before arrival advance payments, during or after the guest's departure in the form of a deferred payment.


Issuance of documents in hotel software HOTEL32

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The hotel software displays complete tax documents including invoices based on the different types of payments in the optional numerical series.
Documents may be issued in any currency and for tax purposes purposes it is possible to use the CNB exchange rate or hotel rate.
The form of the document and the language version of the document can be choose when issuing a document (detailed statement, summary of services, extract by individual guests).

Individual accounts and their items can be arbitrarily divided and aggregated, but always with the maximum possible checks on the operations carried out.

Hotel software HOTEL32 - Cash register

The hotel's cash desk includes cash desk and cash desks at all sales outlets with a cash register attached, in which the status of any number of currencies can be recorded.

Hotel software HOTEL32 - Exchange office

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An optional module is a currency exchange module that guides the complete agenda of exchange activities, both purchase and sale of currency. Records and creates all required CNB documents and allows updating the exchange rate from the bank's website.

Hotel software HOTEL32 - Shop

Another module is a supplementary sale module for the reception or sale of mini-bars, including the ones included tracking inventory status, daily inventory, and delivery protocols. The hotel software allows direct sales at the reception and sales to the hotel account.


Management module for the hotel system HOTEL32

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The hotel software in the management module allows you to create dozens of different management reports and views on observer coverage of individual contractors, compliance with contingents etc. Furthermore, the operating kits for maids, catering reports, planning and filling of others hotel services, operational bookkeeping, treasury bills, and all required statistics CZSO. Requirements for special reports are provided by the report generator.

An essential part of the hotel system is also the management of access rights and passwords of each users, management of dial lists, pricing and configuration of services, arrangements, discounts, seasons,


Affordable hotel software devices HOTEL32

The hotel software works with external devices such as telephone exchanges, lockers access systems, PTV, measurement and control interface etc. Universal interface allows connection to other systems such as online Internet tariffs. Besides the cash register system POS32 & Mobile waiter, program cooperates with the treasury system of the German company VECTRON. Hotel software can be exported directly data into the accounting system. For on-line reservation, the hotel software directly communicates with the booking module Comarr Booking Assistant.

All output documents can be stored in standard doc, pdf, html, xml, xls, rtf, and txt. Outputs in pdf format can be directly attached as email attachments.


The main benefits of the hotel software HOTEL32

The hotel software Hotel32 works on a daily audit / closure / setup basis closing time. / minimum hour of the day when the closing date can be made /. Back up your data with automatically performs a freely defined disk space before a daily audit or can be performed write to an FTP server. The program can be controlled using classic windows or using function keys, which speeds up the operation of the program.

The main advantage of Hotel32 Hotel's software is its easy to use, clear, minimal hardware requirements and high operational reliability verified in hundreds of installations.


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