ComArr Booking Assistant

The new COMARR Hotel and Booking Module is a web-enabled application perform online Booking the hotel using the web interface. This application is called directly from the web site of the hotel and allows clients to book their accommodation as well as book other services they provide provided by the hotel. Bookings are automatically written directly to the hotel system HOTEL32.

The composition of the rooms and services provided is defined in the installation of the hotel's own software. The hotel can offer and sell using the ComArr Booking Asistent application both full capacity hotel or defined room contingency. The specified capacity is always automatic synchronized with the real capacity of the hotel. Capacity synchronization is provided by SRVWEBREC, which is installed on the hotel system server. The advantage of this solution is the web department application and its database from its own hotel system and thus the independence of hotel functions system to connect to the Internet.

In order to integrate the system into the website, it is necessary to ensure cooperation with the authors of the site. The program call can be parameterized for optimal customization of website design hotel. It is possible to set the cascade styles and dimensions of the booking forms. To customize the application uses the ComArr Booking Manager web application, which is part of the ComArr system Booking Assistant. This application allows you to configure web application, pricing, description individual arrangements, packages and services as they are to be interpreted to clients. Is possible individual services, packages and room types can be added with optional text in the appropriate language mutations and jpg images.


Description of the ComArr Booking Manager.

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After you enter a URL in the browser, the following web site to log in will appear system.

After filling in the login name and password, the application will offer the following form.

Hotel code gives unique hotel identification number in the system.


Types of rooms

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The hotel room type definition is automatically set using the "Room Synchronization" button rooms that are defined in the HOTEL32 hotel system including the number of permanent beds and extra beds. These parameters are defined in the hotel system.

In the description section, it is possible to describe the room, its equipment and its location, if any, in the image item set the path and name of the jpg camera photo file.

Provedená nastavení se uloží stisknutím tlačítka „ Ulož nastavení typu pokojů“.

Při stisknutí tlačítka „i“ se zobrazí následující menu pro stanovení druhů použitých aranžmá pro daný typ pokoje.

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In individual arrangements we enter services with arrangements and the price of which will be included in the accommodation services. An example might be "Double room with half board". This arrangement includes the following services:

  • Accommodations
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner

Each arrangement can be supplemented by a description or a picture. Service is set when service is set during the stay and provided:

  • Daily
  • 1st day
  • Number of days

It is possible to set the number of people in the room type for which the arrangement is determined, for example, For a double room occupied by one person, enter the own checkbox and change the capacity 1.


Service Management Menu

This menu allows you to create service packages, which can then be added to additional sales booking services. Each package is provided with a name, description or photo. We add the services to the package and set how the service will be drawn: Day 1, number of days during stay and every day of your stay. The prices of individual services are set in the price form. At the option "Number of days" and "every day" can be set if the service is for hours as well as the number of hours per day. E.g. at The "Tennis" service in the "Summer Comfort" package is entered for 2 days during the 2-hour stay. Exact the deadline is fixed upon arrival at the reception. After agreement with the client, the receptionist enters the hotel system exact date of service.


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Individual services provided by the hotel are imported from the hotel system. Add or remove service is going through the hotel system.

Services are divided into the following groups:

  • U- accommodation services.
  • S- catering services.
  • E- reservation services.
  • F- financial services.

Stay "Stay" classifies the service into residential services. The "Other" tab is assigned to others services. "Number by" allows you to set whether the service is provided per room or per person. The "Arrival", "Stay", "Departure" checkpoints allow for residential services when the service is in the stay is provided. E.g. Breakfast is not provided on the day of arrival and is provided on a daily basis departure. The "Arrangements" column can be set if the service is provided by the number of nights or nights by number of days. E.g. parking fee may be charged for every night of accommodation or per day accommodation / per calendar day of stay / the same applies to "other services".

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Types of prices

This page defines the types of prices used in the hotel. The hotel can decide whether the prices for individual services will be distributed in some way. A typical example is a different price for accommodation adults and other children. If price types are based then it is possible for each type to set an individual price for the service. In the "Service" box, the service that is set up is set up Arrangements. For example, it is possible to distinguish between bed and extra bed accommodation.


This page sets service prices and arrangements to calculate the total price of your stay. ComArr Booking Asistent - ilustrace 6 The basic breakdown is the room price adjustment according to individual arrangements and the prices of other services. At the awarding of prices also determines the currency in which the price is entered.

The pricing procedure is as follows:

  • Set the currency code and the service or arrangement for the room.
  • For each type of price, you can set a different price or set a common price and that per room or per person. It is also possible to set prices for different periods of the year and date of validity.
  • For example, in the period from 01.12. to 15.12. the unit price for the apartment is 3300 CZK.
  • Price setting can be set for pricing. This feature allows you to prepare pricelists forward.
  • If the price for the arrangement is set to 0 / not specified /, this arrangement is not available at selection of prices.

Text editor

Mutations are used to set up translations of individual based descriptions. After translations were created do not forget to always save the mutations.

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The page allows you to set the texts of generated documents and business conditions in each language mutations. We always select the given text and the appropriate language mutation.



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Once you have entered, the following page for setting up hotel account information is displayed. It is possible to establish logo or document header.


Configuration sets the email server and addresses for receiving confirmation emails, address the sender of the order and invoice confirmation.

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In pre-fill and impression data set program behavior and mandatory data to fill in the customer data.


Allows the hotel to set the minimum length of stay. We specify a period and a minimum length of stay.

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For non-reserved periods, the minimum stay is 1 day.


ComArr Booking Assistant – client.

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The application is called directly from the hotel's website, for example, by pressing the "Online booking"

When you press the button, the following pages appear.

Specification of dates and number of rooms and persons.

Specify types of rooms, arrangements, packages and required additional services.

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Entering contact details for the guest to accept and confirm the order and enter the form of payment.

Checklist based on the order and the terms and conditions for confirmation and order submission.

Once the reservation is sent, the guest receives a confirmation voucher and, in the case of a payment request, transfer to account and call for payment. / proforma invoice /.

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The hotel will receive a confirmation of the reservation and, in the case of a card guarantee, the details of the reservation guarantee.


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