Company history


Company Foundation

ComArr, spol s.r.o. was founded in 1991 by experts in computer science, who had had a part in a very large and innovative projects, such as microprocessor applications that were used in a space probe to monitor Haley's comet, creation of operating systems for the first personal computers, creation of compilers of higher language, and more. The only capital input in the establishment of the company was excitement, technical knowledge and experience of the founding members.

The first steps of our company

In the early years, the company was focused on designing exklusive technology supplies and software solutions. A department dedicated to designs and implementation of computer networks was soon establisehd. The company also began offering installation and configuration of network operating systems. We were one of the first to be able to competently install and maintain a network based on Novel’s technology. At the same time the hotel department developed a very successful software for hotels.

Company's activity has been sucessfully developing and since the mid-nineties, the company had already built up a very good market position. At that time there was also developed another successful product - a system for hauliers, known as RAALTRANS Editor. The company also began supplying technical equipment in larger volumes. The target group has always remained the same - end users of information technology.

In 2001, the company had annual sales over 50 million CZK. The company has already worked with a very good clientele of regular customers and has successfully created conditions for its further development. In 2003, as a pioneer in this field and one of the first IT companies in the Czech Republic, ComArr successfully obtained and introduced quality management system according to ISO 9000 standards.

In the middle of the first decade of the new millennium, ComArr company belongs to a well-established firms in the market of services in the field of computer technology, has a strong service department and has no problem with the financing of major projects and supplies. Company’s programmers are working on further development of the company's core products - software for hotels and restaurants and software for hauliers. It also develops a wide range of customer applications based on clients needs. They have also built customer relationships to all the major suppliers of hardware and basic software on the Czech market. For example, we became a service partner of Fujitsu-Siemens.



Today, we work with customers from the government and private sector. We support them with the delivery of the latest technologies and services. Our management system is certified according to other standards (ISO 14000, 20000). We follow the modern methodologies (ITIL). ComArr’s economy is strictly subordinated to the stability of the company. Personally, materially and financially are our activities perfectly secured. We work with the latest trends in IT. Our knowledge and service can cover all of our customer’s needs in information technology. Our capabilities are supported by a wide range of certifications.

The company currently has 45 permanent employees. It also has a high quality technical and professional potential, resides in its own complex of buildings in Pardubice.

Our main goal since the foundation of ComArr s.r.o. has always been satisfied customer.


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