Wage export

From the attendance system, data can be exported to payroll accounting. The output file can be XLS (MS Excel) or CSV (text file with semicolon data and data name in Line 1). Two groups of data are exported. The first group is fixed and is always exported. The data of the second group is determined by the user by specifying the wage code for the purpose in the purpose list. With this data, he can choose whether to export the data in hours or days. Hour and day data are reported to two decimal places.


Group of exported data

  • The content of the resource name, usually the last name and the name of the worker
  • Personal number
  • The Official Working Hours Fund, calculated as the product of working days and working hours time. Business days include holidays that fall on Monday to Friday.
  • Real Working Hours Fund - Official working time fund reduced by illness, holidays and obstacles at work.
  • Truly worked time (recognized workplace presence and workplace reservation activities or work outside working hours).
  • Overtime - if it is allowed to transfer overtime hours from previous months or use hourly accounts, the values of past months are counted in the overtime calculation. When of the number of hours worked is a negative number.
  • Worker's center
  • Worker's department
  • Hours worked on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays, if it is not a holiday).
  • Refunded holiday time.
  • Afternoon - Hours worked in shifts labeled afternoon if it is not a holiday or weekend.
  • Night - worked time in shifts labeled as nights between 22 and 6 pm inclusive weekends and holidays.


Optional data group

In addition, data on the length of reservations for the purposes of which is given in the purpose table is included in the export wage codes. Payroll codes are transferred to the names of the data. Data can be exported in hours or days.

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