Rights to user groups

In the Program, you can set different users and groups for different access rights.

Práva uživatelů
  1. Viewing reservations
  2. Modification of reservations
  3. Adjustment of arrivals and departures
  4. Monthly closing date
  5. Cancel monthly closing date
  6. Calendar planning
  7. Viewing accesses
  8. Editing accesses

1. Viewing reservations

The user with this privilege sees reservations of other resources for which he has this permission.

2. Modification of reservations

The user can create or modify the bookings of resources for which they have this permission. Once an booking is made, an email with information about creating / changing the reservation is sent to the funds concerned. Reservations can be made in bulk for more funds.

3. Adjustment of arrivals and departures

A user with this right can manually enter or modify the arrivals and departures for which he has this privilege. Each entry is recorded as a handwritten listing of who wrote this entry.

4. Monthly Closing Date

A user with this right performs monthly closures to the persons for whom he or she has this authorization.

5. Cancellation of the monthly closing date

An Authorized User may cancel the Monthly Closure of Groups or Funds / Open Group or Facility / to which this right is assigned. It may be necessary to correct the erroneous data found after the closure.

6. Schedule the shift calendar

The user can create and edit the shift calendar for the persons to whom this right is assigned.

7. Viewing access

The user can see who has access to the selected zone.

8. Editing accesses

The user can authorize / change access to the person for whom he or she has permission.


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