Reservations in the attendance program

The Reservation module is a graphical tool that provides excellent insight into the activity of resources. There is a detailed list of reservations for optional purposes, arrivals and departures of employees. Here is the exact time of the record on the terminal and with it photographs to verify the authenticity of the user, who made this record. When entering the purpose from the program, the reservation shows information: who carried out, purpose, purpose, time, time of booking.

The employer wants to use the purposes that he / she can use to suit his / her needs (physician, customer, leave, spare leave, illness, ...). For these purposes, you can also set the requirements for the calculation working time. This means whether the purpose is counted into working time (customer, doctor, ...), or does not count working hours (private mines, smoking breaks, lunches, ...), and have to work this time. Each purpose can be assigned the chosen color, and in the bookings it is at first glance to see what the purpose with it acts. Both current reservations and scheduled are shown. You can use the program as well a planning calendar.

It is also possible to use the possibility of mass booking of funds (persons, cars, rooms, tools ...) with a related one their use. For example, you can make a reservation with a person or make a car multiple booking of multiple funds. These people are informed by e-mail about the reserved reservation. Bulk bookings can only be made by a person authorized to do so.

For each resource, a reservation is available to view its details (phone, personal number, residence, email, department, shift type). Simply click on the selected user and then you can see all information. These data are optional and need not be filled in. They are entered when creating a resource.


Overview of reservations

Přehled rezervací


Viewing reservations with a description

Prohlížení rezervací s popisem


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