Reports for printing and exporting

In the attendance program, you can view, print or export various reports to Excel.

Attendance program now has these reports, but others can be created on request customer:

  1. Records of vouchers
  2. Holiday Requests
  3. Traveling orders
  4. Records of one worker's working hours
  5. Presence at the workplace
  6. Reservations for periods by purpose
  7. Reservations for the period by facility
  8. Reservations for the period by facility and purpose
  9. Records of working hours - summary
  10. Overview of people's rides
  11. Overview of vehicle's routes
  12. Routing control
  13. Timesheet
  14. Recapitulation of timesheets
  15. Shift plan


1) Records of vouchers

The voucher system is based on the following assumptions

  1. These are vouchers unbound for a specific date (any voucher can be used in any one day)
  2. In the case of overpayment of the meal vouchers in the month the worker is not returning - the difference is reduced his claim for the next month
  3. The worker is not entitled to a meal permit for a working day if the reservation is: holiday, illness, business trip.

The report offers the status in the selected month (current status in the current month) and looks like this:

Evidence stravenek


2) Vacation requests

For bookings with the meaning of "holiday" the system allows it at any time (from the moment of creation booking) to print the holiday request.

Žádanky o dovolenou


3) Travel orders

The program allows you to print a travel order for reservations. You can only make a travel order at Reservations that can serve as the basis for a travel order. The duration of the mission must be at least one calendar day longer than 5 hours. It is not decisive whether this is a business day or never. The destination must be filled in and must be different from the business location.

Cestovní příkazy


4) Records of one worker's working hours

Overview of the attendance for the selected period. Here is the complete attendance of the employee (real working time, leave, doctor, work outside working hours, holidays, overtime, ...).

Evidence pracovní doby jednoho pracovníka


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