Overview of your benefits with the solution of our attendance system


Attendance and access terminals

Attendance terminals

Attendance terminal serves to accurately record attendance of employees. Combined with the Comarr Walking Program, it works similarly to electronic stirrers. At the top of the page you can enter and leave the job, as well as your chosen purposes such as a doctor, privately outside, a business trip ... .... The principle is that employees simply identify themselves by fingerprint, chip, card or password with the terminal and choose the purpose they need.

Access terminals

Access terminals are used instead of keys, wherever access is required for authorized persons only. Combined with the Comarr attendance system, you can set different time zones to access objects for selected people or groups of people. You can use a chip, card, fingerprint, or password to identify a person.

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Module and function of the attendance system - Rights for groups and users

In the program, you can set different
users and groups with different access rights.

Moduly a funkce - Práva ke skupinám a uživatelům
  1. Viewing reservations
  2. Modification of reservations
  3. Adjustment of arrivals and departures
  4. Monthly closing date
  5. Cancel monthly closing date
  6. Calendar planning
  7. Viewing accesses
  8. Editing accesses
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Attendance system - Export to wages

From the attendance system, data can be exported to wages. The output file can be XLS (MS Excel) or CSV (text file with semicolon-separated data and 1st line data name). Two groups of data are exported. The first group is fixed, always exported. The data of the second group is determined by the user by specifying the wage code for the purpose in the purpose list. With this data, he can choose whether to export the data in hours or days. If export is selected in days, the clock is converted to days according to the rules described below. Hour and day data are reported to two decimal places.

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Modules and features

The Reservation module is a graphical tool that provides excellent insight into the activity of resources. There is a detailed list of reservations for optional purposes, arrivals and departures of employees. Here is the exact time of the record on the terminal and a photo to verify the authenticity of the user who made the record. When entering a purpose from the program, the reservation shows information: who performed, the destination, the purpose, the time it was entered, the length of the reservation.

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Technical requirements of the program

  • Windows XP, Widows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • the hardware requirements for the computers that run the program are the same as the operating system.
  • installed and set up TCP / IP in Windows
  • SQL server FireBird 2.1
  • we recommend that you have installed Internet Explorer min. version 5 (because some system libraries are also updated when installing it)
  • resolution min. 1024 x 768, min. 256 colors.
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Reports for printing and exporting

In the attendance program, you can view, print, or export different reports to Excel.

The Attendance program now has these reports, but others can be created at the customer's request:

  1. Records of vouchers
  2. Holiday Requests
  3. Traveling orders
  4. Records of one worker's working hours
  5. Presence at the workplace
  6. Reservations for periods by purpose
  7. Reservations for the period by facility
  8. Reservations for the period by facility and purpose
  9. Records of working hours - summary
  10. Overview of people's rides
  11. Overview of vehicle's routes
  12. Routing control
  13. Timesheet
  14. Recapitulation of timesheets
  15. Shift plan
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Access system

  • Accesses and zones
  • Online overview of arrivals, departures and other records
  • Overview of passages by individual terminals
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