Dining system


Principle of the Catering System

With an eating system, you get an efficient solution for dispensing and ordering your diet. Replaces obsolete a confusing way of ordering meals on paper forms and dispensing on paper vouchers. We offer a complete hardware and software solution for canteens with own and foreign kitchen, school or company canteens.


Key features of the system

  • Ordering meals via a touchscreen or computer.
  • Orderable for one to unlimited days ahead.
  • Diet-based meals are displayed on the monitor display
  • Ability to automatically send bulk orders via e-mail (external contractor, custom kitchen).
  • Food Billing - Report for the selected period.
  • Contactless identification of people by card or chip.
  • Manage menu and meal prices. Import menu option.
  • The eating system can be used alone or as a supplement to the attendance system (similarly as an access system).



  1. System parts for the user - the boarder
  2. Parts of the system intended for dispatching personnel
  3. System parts intended for administration

1) System parts for the user - the boarder

  • Ordering meals via a touchscreen terminal or via a computer ..
  • The user logs on to the list of days for which they were scheduled menu.
  • Dining room can be entered for an unlimited number of days ahead.
  • Meals can be divided into species such as lunch, dinner.
Jídelna - úvodní strana Objednávání jídel Přehled objednávek

After selecting the day, the user can choose from a prepared menu. You can choose more meals.

2) Parts of the system intended for dispatching personnel

  • The issue is mainly for food delivery. After the user card is attached, the display shows ordered food to go.
  • Ordered meals are gradually shifted from top to bottom, so that staff have an overview of the meals they eat to be issued.
  • The dispensing screen shows: Name, date of dispatch, food number, type of food.
  • The possibility to review the issued meals.
Nevydaná jídla Historie vydávání jídel Přehled pípnutých jídel

Full control of lunch delivery.

3) System parts intended for administration

  • Menu card - menu can be entered manually or imported from file XLS
  • Personnel assignment - People can be added manually or imported from the ComArr Attendance program. For people you can enter: Name, Password, Card Number, Permissions (Administrator, Boarder).
  • Print Reports - You can print orders for today
  • Diet Report - Displays the list and prices of ordered meals for the selected period. Shows billing summary
  • Vendor Order Report - List of ordered meals for the selected period. Possibility automatic delivery of the order to the supplier.
Administrace - jídelní lístek Objednávka pro dnešní den Sestava pro strávníka

Dining room allows user accounts to be used. That means he can be on the account the amount of which the price of the food ordered is deducted when ordering. Accounts can be set i the possibility of pumping into the minus ..


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