An electronic attendance system optimized for children's groups


Children's groups

Based on the demand of the "Children's Group" operator, we have developed child-optimized solutions groups (it deals with records of attendance of children and employees). We have taken into account the specific requirements of records of attendance in children's groups made by the grant program.


Basic features of attendance records in children groups are as follows:

  • To track down arrivals and departures, a mobile attendance terminal is used (Android app for mobile phone with NFC technology). It allows you to record your arrival or departure anywhere, for example in the school garden. It is not necessary to leave the child to register the child's departure to terminal attached inside the object. The mobile terminal also reduces the cost of the system.
  • Mobile apps allow you to monitor enough staff in relation to the number of people present children in order not to breach the relevant prescription.
  • You can see a list of currently present children and workers.
  • A specialized set is taken into account to assess the attendance, which takes into account the regulation on attendance measurement in half-hours of 3 hours.
  • Data on arrivals and departures via the Internet connection (or in this case more frequently via Wi-Fi local area network) batch transfers to the attendance database to another processing (see reports, payroll information, etc.)

Mobilní terminál Mobilní terminál


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