Attendance terminals

Attendance terminal serves to accurately record attendance of employees. In combination with the program. The ComArr approach works similarly to electronic "hangers". Arrivals can be entered at the terminal and departures from employment, as well as your chosen purposes, such as a physician, privately outside, a business way, ... The principle is that employees simply identify themselves with a fingerprint at the terminal, chip, card or password and then choose the purpose they need.

TAC-07 Walk-through Terminal with fingerprint scanning

Docházkový terminál TAC-07 se snímáním otisku prstu

This attendance terminal with fingerprint reader is designed for more demanding clients, office spaces or spaces with greater emphasis on user identification. Attendance terminal with module fingerprint scanning allows you to take a photo and save it in history whenever you try access. Attendance terminal is made in shiny black design. It has a color LCD display, on which allows you to view transaction logs on the terminal, including photos of who is carried out. All transactions made by the terminal can be viewed in the Attendance attendance system ComArr. Identification at the attendance terminal can be done by: card (EM 125kHz or MIFARE - according to version), employee code, fingerprint, or combination. Dimensions of the attendance terminal with a fingerprint module are 205x150x48 mm.

Attendance terminal TAC-06

Docházkový terminál TAC-06

This attendance terminal has similar features to the TAC-07 attendance terminal,
only does not have fingerprint reader module.

Attendance terminal TAC-02

Docházkový terminál TAC-02

Walk-in and access terminals with an integrated EM 125kHz card reader are designed for small attendance systems where the role of the actor plays a role. This attendance terminal enables identification card (EM 125kHz), code or a combination of both. The terminal dimensions are 100x131x40mm.


Access terminals

Access terminals are used instead of keys, wherever you need to secure entry only for authorized persons. Combined with the ComArr Attendance system, you can set different time zones for access objects for selected people or groups of people. You can use a chip, card, imprint finger or password.

Fingerprint Reader with Card Reader MA 300 - outdoor

čtečka otisků prstů s čtečkou karet MA 300 -outdoor

Both outdoor and indoor use, 2 modes: autonomous / system (Wiegand 26bit) for DGP EVO + ACM12 or other compatible systems, program setting and fingerprint assignment using master card, PC keyboard or PC, adjustable sensitivity of the fingerprint reader, override settings from one reader to another by using PC, card reading 3-8 cm, EM 125 kHz card, authorization: fingerprint or card, memory capacity: max.1500 cards / fingerprints, up to 1500 users, power supply: 10.5-13.5 V = / max. 100 mA, output: 1 x NC / NO relay (12 V / 2 A, 0-10 sec.), Input: door NC contact, exit button: yes, output: 1 x transistor 50 mA, alarm: 1 minute, tamper, LED red / blue / green, buzzer, cover: metal / plastic, color: silver / gray, 73x147x35 mm, outdoor IP 53: -20-55 ° C / max. 80% humidity

Keyboard with reader - W1-A OUTDOOR METAL

klávesnice se čtečkou - W1-A  OUTDOOR METAL

Autonomous outdoor / indoor keypad with EM 125kHz card reader, Identification modes: card + code / only card / just code, reader range about 5cm, keyboard programming, outputs: 2 x RELE 2A for lock / progr.doba activation 0-99s, forced opening alarm or tamper, inputs: exit button, contact magnet, power: 12 / 24V AC / DC max.100mA, three-color LED, audio-buzzer, solid stainless steel, outdoor IP 52: -20 to 60 ° C, size: 58x135x26mm

Card reader R1-EM+HID

čtečka karet R1-EM+HID

Wiegand interface 26-bit Standard EM 125kHz R1-EM + HID (1108-014) EM + HID card reader - OUTDOOR system outdoor / internal card reader EM + HID, reader range approx. 6cm, output format Wiegand 26 bits, supply 6-core 90cm cable, power supply: 10.5-13.5V = / max.60mA, two-color indication LED, audio-buzzer,
black or silver - plastic, outdoor IP 55: -20 to 60 ° C, size 48x103x23mm.

External card reader R-2

systémová venkovní/vnitřní čtečka karet EM 125kHz v miniaturním provedení

EM 125kHz outdoor / internal card reader in miniature, read distance 6cm, output format Wiegand 26 bits, supply 7-core cable 55cm, power supply: 10.5-13.5V = / max.60mA, two-color LED indication, black plastic, outdoor IP 55: -20 to 55 ° C, 39x80x12mm


Chip cards for attendance and access terminals

Čipová karta pro terminál - přívěsek standard hranatý
pendant standard angular

Čipová karta pro terminál - přívěsek standard kulatý
pendant standard round

Čipová karta pro terminál - karta standard s ouškem
card standard with a tab

Čipová karta pro terminál - karta standard pro potisk
card standard for printing


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