Access system


The principle of the access system

The electronic access system replaces the classic keys everywhere where identification is needed system to secure access to a room, department, or building. The access system recognizes immediately after the chip is inserted, the password is entered or the fingerprint terminal located at selected doors.

Access System The ComArr Attitude allows you to easily set employee access. You can allow / deny access of employees or groups of employees to certain rooms, to define certain ones days or hours when employees are allowed entry. All this can be easily set up using the program Attendance. Thanks to the access system, you can also get an overview of the movement of employees on your premises companies, as access transactions are recorded and can be viewed later.


Approaches to ComArr Attendance

  1. Accesses and time zones
  2. Online overview of arrivals, departures and other records
  3. Overview of passages by individual terminals

1) Accesses and time zones

For each resource, you can set access by time zone. This means that you can set a group or a single person to access the specified object only in the allowed time and day. For example, some employees have access to the building from Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 20:00, some nonstop and some only on certain days.

Přístupy a zóny

Image Description: Yellow-colored fields indicate when a person is allowed access.

2) Online overview of arrivals, departures and other records

The feature provides an online overview of Terminal Records. In the overview, you will see the current transactions being executed on terminals with the ability to view photos from an access transaction with a comparison option with a reference a photo from an access system. This can be used, for example, in the concierge, where the gatekeeper immediately sees the passage via an access terminal and has the ability to compare the incoming person according to the reference photo uploaded in the access system.

Přehled online průchodů

3) Overview of passages by individual access terminals

This feature provides an overview of the records from the access terminals for the specified time period. You can also enter, edit or cancel the arrivals or departures for the workers you are entitled to Editing arrivals and departures. In detail, the access transaction can be viewed for comparison a photo of the transaction and a reference photo of a particular employee.

Přehled průchodů - jednotlivé terminály


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